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Take This Waltz (Dir. Sarah Polley)

“I wouldn’t say trying to differentiate, but I do feel like I wanted to explore what happens to a sexual relationship when you become very familiar with each other. Like, does it end the passion or can those two things exist? I’ve seen passion and familiarity co-exist, but it’s rare and it’s difficult. Because, in a strange way, a lot of romantic love and a lot of that passionate, honeymoon period is a lot about the mystery of the other, so what happens when that mystery goes away?

There’s this great line that Bette Davis says: “50 percent of a woman’s charm is mystery.” I think that’s not just women, I think it’s men too, and I think that we lose our charm to each other somewhat when we lose our mystery. So then what? And I think that’s the question that it’s hard for us to ask generally, “So then what?” It’s not a question we’re prepared for. We’re just supposed to find the person we’re in love with and settle down, and everything’s gonna be great, but it takes a lot of work, I think. It also involved being satisfied that things aren’t always going to be perfect. And that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world.”

- Sarah Polley

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